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Our Service

Why Choose Happy Hounds by Helen Dog Grooming Services?

The Mobile Dog Groom Room provides high quality dog grooming on your doorstep…………Literally!

All grooming is carried out in a mobile salon that has been fitted out and equipped to the highest standards, providing an environment mirroring the highest class Dog Grooming Salons.

Our service offers all the advantages of visiting the Grooming Salon with none of the problems:

  • No need to take time out of your schedule to visit the Grooming Salon
  • No long and stressful car journeys to the Grooming Salon for your dog
  • No waiting time – the service starts as soon as we arrive at your home and your dog is returned to you as soon as the service is completed
  • One to One service – For the duration of the service your dog has our undivided attention
  • Only the highest quality grooming products used
  • Qualified Groomer



We pride ourselves on having a high standard of service and we will ensure that we do everything possible to make your dog look and feel its best.


Our Services Include:

  • Bath and Dry – This service is fairly self-explanatory – your dog with be bathed using quality shampoos and dried using a high velocity drier. This is ideal for short coated / low maintenance breeds and can be used between full grooms to freshen your dog up!

  • Basic Groom / Maintenance - This service offers a bath and dry as mentioned above, plus ear cleaning (plucking if applicable to breed type) and nail trimming and a thorough brushing out of the coat. This is also useful between full grooms to help maintain longer coated breeds which could become matted or tangled if left too long between full grooms.

  • Full Groom – A full groom Includes everything in a basic groom but with trimming and clipping included if requested.
    If your requirements are not covered by the services listed we are more than happy to discuss individual needs and give a quotation for the service required.

  • Matting - Prices quoted will not include dematting, this will be an additional charge (although a small degree of matting is expected on certain breeds). You will be made aware of the likely cost during the initial assessment of your dog's coat prior to commencement of the next stage of the service. In the event that you should decide not to continue with the full service there may be a charge made based on the time spent assessing the dog's coat.

  • Nails and Ears - Both nail trimming and ear cleaning/plucking are included in the price of both a basic and full groom. However some dogs can become stressed, un-cooperative and aggressive. If this happens we will NOT continue to either clean ears or trim nails. Your dog may require treatment from your vet.


Honesty Policy

At Happy Hounds by Helen we operate an honesty policy. This simply means that we ask you to be honest with us about your dog's behaviour. By telling us, we will be better prepared to deal with your dog. In return we will always be honest about your dog's behaviour whilst in our care.