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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some answers to some commonly asked questions. If you would like to know anything else then please feel free to contact us.

I have never used a mobile groomer before, what are the benefits? 

There are some great grooming salons around but many owners find that using a mobile service is a lot more convenient and there are many advantages to mobile grooming:
We come to you and this saves you a trip to the salon and a long wait for the dog to be finished which can be a few hours in some cases.
We work on one dog at a time which allows us to give it our undivided attention.
In addition to working during the day, we can work evenings and weekends which most salons do not.

What do I need to supply or prepare? 

Mobile vans are equipped to a high standard and all we need is to be able to plug into a power point. Please ensure your dog has been toileted, fed and watered before grooming commences. 

What if I don't have enough space outside to allow the van to park up? 
We do carry an alternate power source, allow us to park further away if there are space restrictions or that the area isn't flat enough, however there would be a small additional charge.

How long does a groom take? 

This varies depending on what is requested and the breed of dog. On average a groom can take a couple of hours, and we always try to allow more time for a new dog, so as not to be rushed and to allow the dog to settle. 

What type of shampoo do you use? 
We have a varied selection of shampoo's for all different types of coats. We only use top quality shampoo and conditioner as these give the best results. We can also use any prescribed shampoo you have received from your vet. We will never use anything on your dog that we would not be prepared to use on our own dogs!

My dog is old and frail, is this a problem? 
Grooming can be an effort for an older dog. We take our time and constantly talk to them and reassure them regularly. With a bit of understanding and a bit of love a satisfactory groom can be achieved. 

What should I do to keep my dog looking their best between grooming visits? 
This varies on the breed and type of coat they have. As a general guide, dogs should be brushed as least once a day with a quality brush. If your dog needs a bath then use good quality shampoo suited to their skin and coat. Try to limit baths to a maximum of once a week. We are able to visit between grooming visits to bath and brush your dog if required.

When should I start having my dog groomed? 

As a puppy at around 12 weeks old once they have been inoculated. This is a shorter and gentle session which will introduce him (or her) to the grooming routine and allow a bond to develop between puppy and groomer.

How do you cope with big or heavy dogs? 

We have a large on-board hydro-bath that fits most large dogs and the water tank supplies plenty of hot water. Van space however could prohibit the grooming of extremely large, giant breeds, or any dog requiring two handlers, alternatives can be discussed at the time of booking.

Can you deal with aggressive or difficult dogs?
Dogs can sometimes dislike excessive handling and become anxious or aggressive. We carry muzzles to protect the dog from causing damage to himself and to us. Only one dog at one time is groomed in the van thereby maintaining a calm environment and reducing the risk of conflict with other dogs. If a dog is too aggressive or simply very unhappy being groomed, we will not pursue it and will return to the owner at no charge.

My dog is very nervous, can you help?
Yes, we are happy to work with nervous dogs, it may mean that rather than a full groom we start with a wash and dry and build the relationship and trust from there.

Will the service you provide be as good as that offered by a salon?
Definitely! Our equipment is professional grade and designed for the mobile groomer. Please be assured that we have received appropriate training and continue to receive additional training to ensure we remain up to date with any changes in techniques or equipment . We are a member of the "British Dog Groomers Association" and the "Pet Care Trade Association" and adhere to their strict code of conduct. We are fully insured and all necessary equipment is serviced and maintained in accordance to manufacturer's guidelines. All our equipment is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned after each use.

Why do you only give a guide price over the phone?
In most cases the price shown on the website or the price quoted on the phone is the price you pay (along with any fuel charge). It is impossible to give a definite price without seeing the dog as some do require extra work which can take more time, if this is the case, then it will be discussed with you prior to grooming.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash or cheques.

What happens if I need to change the date of my appointment?

This is fine; all we ask is that you try to give as much notice as possible.